-- easyforum-1.0.test -- (10-04-2002)
TEST VERSION of EASY-FORUM (easyforum-1.0.test) looks to be able to produce a resonable working forum that functions like it should. It is also the first version of the forum that is being used for a reason. While building a site for the 'CDA' (a pretty big democratic party in The Netherlands) it came in handy. Now it is being used to answer questions about political statements listed on the website. Seems to be working. Oh yeah... the site is in Dutch... (Please do not use the site listed above for feedback or testing purpuses, use the samples listed below instead...)
-- easyforum-1.0.pre -- (04-02-2002)
The first (very first) version of EASY-FORUM (easyforum-1.0.pre) seems to have no objections to working correctly... It should give you a small impression of what this project is all about... There are still a lot of improvements to be made and not to forget all the additions I like to make... Give me time and I will give a try...
I have put the files online
And here are some working forums:
Sample of easyforum-1.0.test
Sample of easyforum-1.0.pre
-- Ron --